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OC Art ~

Commission - It's ON by thefenrirCommission - Lessa by thefenrirCommission - Dawn + Haruki by thefenrirCommission - Sora x Marina by thefenrirCommission - Ruri by thefenrirCommission - Haruki x Dawn by thefenrirSora and Marina OC by Kairi-Moon:x:Marina and Dawn:x: by YukeraYashaCommission: Divide by NanabbiPrincess-marina by DreamcuddleCommission - Dawn by AngelShizukaCommission :: Marina by sasukee23loveeerMarina chibi by magicpotionMarina by magicpotionChibi Dawn by magicpotionCome with me by magicpotionMarina Power up! by magicpotionMarina clueless coloured by magicpotionEternal Catrina: Yeah! Pose by magicpotionEternal Catrina by magicpotionTransformation by magicpotionSymphogear Catrina by magicpotionHelena meets Marina by magicpotionPersocom Catrina by magicpotionAnime Hearts by magicpotionThrough the years by magicpotionThe Land before time by magicpotionHarem by magicpotionBattle by magicpotion
A day at the beach by magicpotionSora and marina have a happy halloween by magicpotionChristmas Town by magicpotion

My Oc's

Name: Lessa
Age: ????
Race: The Heart Maker
Bio: Her past is a huge mystery and a very heart breaking one, she was given a very hard power. She is the one who lives in the realm of light and watches over all as she creates the hearts of every living person. Despite giving life she also has to take it when the time comes, alot of people forget about her and slowly her power weakens over time. But she still tries to do the right thing to help people. She has a past connected to Marina but that to us is unknown.

Name: Crystal
Age: 21
Race: Dark Nobody
Weapon: Diamond Blade & Magic

Bio: Despite being one with a heart and become a nobody similar to Ruri, she became connected to Lessa to save her from dying and causing the lives of all to fade away with her. Crystal doesn't regret her choices and is grateful to be given the chance to avenge the ones she lost. Despite having feelings for Sora, she will always honour her close friends over her own feelings. She has a strong will over the magical elements, despite she inherited parts of Lessa's powers to create hearts. If she ever tried to create a heart it would cause her to fade away.



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Hi ~

Nagisa stamp by SuperpluplushClannad stamp by Mayu-HikaruTomoya stamp by Superpluplush
Dango Family - Stamp by xAssiduityx:Stamp: Clannad by ichiipantsu
Little Busters!
Im Rin Fan by YulySmileLittle Busters stamp by Mayu-HikaruIm Komari Fan by YulySmile
Dragonball Z
Goku Fan Stamp by FuriaelTrunks Fan Stamp by Onimusha8666DBKai Stamp - Vegeta 01 by hanaktGoten - STAMP by NamekianKAIgoku freeks stamp by dracostarhomeGhxGt animated Stamp 001B by hanaktLeft Or Right stamp by DbzbabeFarewell by DbzbabeSaiyans cheek to cheek stamp by DbzbabeBaby Trunks Stamp1 by MoonT0NSSJ Gohan Kai Opening 3 by DbzbabeWTF WORMS Stamp by Dbzbabe
Takashi Fan by EtherealApricityTakashi x Rei by QuidxProxQuoRei Fan by EtherealApricity
Takashi Stamp by bremm-ruarteRei Stamp by bremm-ruarte
Tailmon Stamp by L3xil3inStamp: Light by CosmicTaoAngewomon Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi
BP_Kari and Gatomon Alt. Stamp by Stamp221Stamp -Digimon- Takari 02v2 by PJXD23
Higurashi & Umineko
Rena Ryuugu stamp 2 by nerine-yaoiHigurashi  Stamp by JeyerreShion Sonozaki stamp 3 by nerine-yaoi
Maria Ushiromiya Stamp 3 by YuikoHeartlessBeatrice stamp by YuikoHeartless
One Piece
One  Piece: LuNa Stamp by wow1076One Piece Stamp by Fyi-SusStamp -OP- LuNa 01 by PJXD23
Rufy Stamp by Simi-samiLuffyxNami - Stamp by xAssiduityxNami Stamp by Simi-sami


My OC's ~

Name: Marina
Age: 23
Race: Fallen Angel
Weapon: The Hearts Key
Children: Catrina & Sparky
Bio: She is known as one of the 7 Princesses of Heart from the Anime worlds, and has a very strong heart of light also the heir to the royal family of all worlds. Despite how pure her heart is she also has a great darkness within herself locked away asleep none are aware of. She is kind and compassionate to those she cares about, but when she meets new people she doesn't trust them so easily. Alot of the time she tries to push people away cause those that get close to her end up losing alot. She has a deep passionate love for Sora. She is currently traveling the worlds trying to defeat the enemies that destroyed her home in the past and rescue her daugther Catrina before she loses herself to darkness.

Name: Dawn
Age: 19
Race: Human
Weapon: Kingdom Key
Children: Sora
Bio: As a young child she lost her parents to a rogue Keyblade weilder who hunted down others and murdered them in cold blood. She was named after the bright glow that shines in her heart like the rising sun. Her heart burns bright of light and she has a incrediable gift to push the darkness away and bring out the good in people. She was rescued by King Mickey and brought to The Land of Departure to learn how to weild her Keyblade. She longs to find the man who killed her parents, but not out of revenge but to confront them with the truth. She is also the mother of Sora.

My Oc's ~

Name: Ruri
Age: 23
Race: Dark Nobody
Weapon: The Hearts Key
Bio: Ruri is a very rare kind of nobody, she was once a person who had her own heart and was her own person. One day her heart had to become part of Marina's to complete her heart. This caused Ruri to almost fade away, but the Organzation was able to reconstruct her body from the connection to Marina's darkness. She has a very unique power that can awake the darkness within anyone, and even within a world and cause it to conrupt in ways as she wills it too. She is a very misunderstood person who only wishes to be whole, and unlike other nobodies she is able to feel emotions but only what Marina can feel. She has huge hatred towards Marina and Lessa for making her become who she is.

Name: Catrina
Age: 14
Race: Human/Fallen Angel
Weapon: The Key of Light
Bio: She is a very bubbly and kind young girl. When she meets new people she is shy and quiet. She is the daugther of Sora and Marina, but she is very unique to have inherited a hair colour of one of her ancestors. She has small shard of her ancestor that sleeps within her and she can control their powers while also weilding their Keyblade. She is the weilder that can open the true door to the realm of light that is denied to the faint hearted. She was once controled by her mothers childhood enemies to open that door and gain a great power over all worlds. She has a deep regret in her heart for being so foolishly controled she travels the worlds in hopes of restoring her mother's heart. She also has the power to transform into forms of many anime worlds with the help of special stopnes.


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